About us


The Nottingham Horror Collective was a passing comment – something born out of a discussion about our collective creative skills, passions, and loves. We realised we’d each been devouring all things Horror since we can remember – why not make something of that, together?

This project also came at a time where we found ourselves no longer able to head to the cinema to watch the latest Horror release together, to play our favourite games in person, or to discuss the creepy books we’re reading over a couple of beers. A time where so many of the structures we considered normal crumbled, revealing what truly matters to us.

So it’s no accident that we chose The Tower to introduce this collective labour of love to you – a tarot card that brings to mind the demolition of useless structures; the collapse of plans; the elimination of what is worthless. An awakening.

The presence of this card heralds dramatic change as the things that hinder our growth begin to crash down to pave way for the next chapter. And now you’re here, we’re so excited and humbled to, in some small way, share that chapter with you.

With love from your friendly neighbourhood spooks,
Ruth & Emily