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The Nottingham Horror Collective

THE LAST CLOSET ON THE LEFT | Our Queer Horror Zine Issue

THE LAST CLOSET ON THE LEFT | Our Queer Horror Zine Issue

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Welcome to The Last Closet on the Left, an open door to Horror through a kaleidoscopic queer lens.

This issue has been lovingly designed for those who enjoy peeling back the layers of the Horror genre to see what gooey delights spill from within. After all, Horror’s power to transcend conventional storytelling provides the perfect playground to explore the richness of queer narratives. 

We’ll be splashing around in the glittering blood of evolving inclusivity within the genre and clawing through layers of complex queer representation with every page. And we’ll be donating half the profits to, while we’re at it. Thank you endlessly for joining us. 

Wishing you a Pride as gay as a glampire at a blood rave,

Emily & Ruth


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