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The Nottingham Horror Collective



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In Tarot, The Fool represents inexperience, not knowing what to expect, and taking a leap of faith. How appropriate for us — just two silly geese with a penchant for horror that have, frankly, taken this too far. 

Reversed, this card represents chaos, being naïve, poor judgement and stupidity. Which is also fitting.

The Fool archetype is a way for Horror storytellers to throw some light into the darkness. To give us that uncomfortable laugh in between the jump scares. To paint the face of Death in clown makeup and hand him a red balloon.

Everyone could do with a laugh right now. So here we are, poking our fingers into corn-syrupy SFX wounds looking for joy.

We’re all fools, here.

*SHIPPING NOTE: We're a two-person team of goblins working maniacally to get these out to you, so zines will begin shipping out from 7th April.*

THE FOOL is A5, perfect-bound, with a beautiful soft-touch laminated cover and silk pages.
Featuring 64 pages of horror art and writings by:
Aamina Mahmood, Amy Britton, Anna Charlie Ronewicz, Ariel McCleese, Brianna Malotke, Cameron Shearer, Elle Jacobson, Emily Malone, Hannah England, Harry Law, John Oberholzer, Jojo Woodland, Madeline Helland, May Kelly, The Shooters. 
Design & Illustration by Ruth Skrytek
Editorial by Emily Malone. 


Dispatched within 5 working days

UK Courier: Evri Standard

Everywhere else: Evri International

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