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The Nottingham Horror Collective



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Blindfolded with a sword in one hand and scales in the other, Justice has stood through ages as the emblem of equilibrium and fairness. But when we delve deeper into her dark past, where whispers of witches burnt at the stake for imagined crimes echo, and vengeful spirits roam restless in the shadows, we discover what happens when that balance is brutally ruptured.

Revenge horror thrums with the resilient pulse of a human heart seeking justice. In this issue, you'll find stories of the oppressed regaining their voices, of shadows becoming flesh, of righteous men clumsily taking justice into their own bloodied hands, and of wronged souls grasping control in a world marred by cruelty.

These films grant us an escape, letting us confront those very urges we all suppress—the thirst for vengeance, even if it strays into moral ambiguity. Of course, given the nature of revenge horror, we need to issue a trigger warning for some of the violent themes explored in this issue. Yet, amidst this darkness, there's the satisfaction of watching the cosmic scales of justice, once askew, find their balance again.

Welcome to the world of revenge horror, where the pursuit of justice takes a lot of guts. Literally.

All our love,

Emily & Ruth.

HUGE, gross, disgusting, gushy thanks to all our amazing contributors: 

  • Aamina Mahmood
  • Brianna Malotke
  • C.R. Sterling
  • Clelia McElroy
  • Emily Smith
  • Geordie Film's Class
  • Hannah England
  • Iulia Matei
  • Kim Fowler
  • Megan Kenny
  • Molly Kirk
  • Nia Edwards-Behi
  • Stevel Sheil
  • Tori Potenza


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