Call for submissions for issue IX: THE WORLD

Call for submissions for issue IX: THE WORLD

Interested in being a part of our 9th issue? Keep on reading...

Twisting 'The World' into a Horror Theme

The World card in Tarot represents all those lovely, 'Eat Pray Love' things like closure, achievement, and travel. And that's nice. But we're on the hunt for your Horror takes on The World.

Themes & Inspiration

Eco Horror: No surprise, but Mother Nature's Revenge is a theme we're seeing lots more of in the genre.

Worldwide Horror: Horror cinema from cultures around the world.

Apocalyptic Horror: Plagues, wars, aliens. Also known as "The News".

Social Commentary Horror: Where 'Eat the Rich' is taken literally.

Cinematic Horror Deep Dives: Got a hot take on a classic or an underappreciated gem that fits these themes? We're all ears and wide, unblinking eyes.

Submission Guidelines

- We are looking for film criticism, personality-filled opinion pieces, and in-depth analyses of horror films that explore the theme of 'The World'.

- We're also after short stories, poems, artwork, and photography that fit our theme.

- The maximum word limit for written works is 2,000 words. Though the shorter, the better for our page count.

- Artworks (digital or otherwise) should always embrace our signature duo-tone design. This time we're using tones of blacks, whites, and green hex code: #80fe01 (colorhexa profile here)

Submissions using any other colours will not be able to be chosen :(

Deadline for submissions

Email us your completed submission by 9th February 2024. 

Be sure to include a short bio, your pronouns, and your socials and/or website.

Payment for selected works includes £50 and a copy of the zine.

Questions? We’re probably screaming into the void, but feel free to interrupt.

All our love,

Emily & Ruth


P.s. Other issues we have planned for 2024 include themes around Queer Horror (2024 Pride issue) and DEATH. So if you don't get selected this time, there's always more to think about...

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